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30 Apr

Cambodia – a country with many possibilities

Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand, halfway between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Since Cambodia is a relatively a small country, in which all points of interest are close to each other, it is ideal to explore Cambodia on a wheel. You can immerse in Cambodia in the past and present have a lot of fun, because the country was isolated for many years, has a huge pent-up demand when it comes to fun and action.

Angkor Wat was just on your journey plan are as well as the capital Phnom Penh, and especially the great beaches invite for sunbathing and swimming and swimming in a tub of warm water. Cambodia is a country full of surprises and perfect for those who do not yet have so many backpacking experience.

Highlights and the most beautiful routes

Beaches and rivers

Cambodia has an access to the sea and some great beaches. On the Gulf of Thailand in the Southeast there are several hundred kilometers of finest sandy beaches, but Sihanoukville is the only a real bathing paradise under the palms. The Victory Beach is a beach on which to meet not only many backpackers, although beach parties are your thing, then you’re in this lively beach just right.

In Sihanoukville you can get all kinds of water sports such as surfing, kite and especially diving. Is worthwhile to make a Scuba diving , because the underwater world off the coast of Cambodia is diverse rich and beautiful.

Just three hours from Sihanoukville away is the small seaside town of Kep, a pretty little town with colorful colonial buildings and great markets. If you like fish and seafood, then Kep is a paradise, because the harbor there are many small restaurants with cheap fish, lobster and shrimp fed.

How about a small cruise? Also you can enjoy in Cambodia, on the Mekong. A multi-day river cruise will cost a fortune and you’ll get an unforgettable impression of Cambodia’s enchanting landscapes.

Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat

With two million inhabitants, the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh is not just a giant among the capitals of the world, but it can certainly get in touch with New York City in terms of the glitter, the neon signs and the Action Party. Do you think so ???

You can not miss the Phnom Penh, because the streets are numbered and the entertainment district is hard to miss. There are food stalls everywhere with many delicacies for very little money, and the Night Markets you can buy anything and everything. Past of this city, the Phnom Penh is over, because the Killing Fields and the notorious S-21 prison of the Khmer Rouge are part of the memory now.

angkorwat cambodia

An absolute highlight in Cambodia is the Angkor Wat, the legendary temple town in the jungle. Angkor Wat is an architectural masterpiece, the construction completed in 37 years and every year two million people visitors come to Siem reap and Angkor Only. There is something mysterious, almost mystical from this place.

In the center stands a 31 m high tower, on which a 800 m long gallery of large and small temples followed. Angkor Wat is huge and you should definitely take a hat and drinking plenty of fluids if you want to watch you everything.


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