Can Tho and the floating markets

floating markets
30 Apr

Can Tho and The Floating Markets

Can Tho, in the heart of the Mekong …

can tho mekong delta

Can Tho is a city located in the heart of the Mekong Delta in southern end of the Vietnam. Quite large with an about a million inhabitants, it remains a pleasant city to walk in the streets. Its main attraction lies on the daily floating markets where the canoes together selling all kind of fruits and vegetables. life is on and for tourists this is an absolute exciting to see a different life goes on…

can tho mekong delta

These floating markets are a not only the main business for the locals, but the real business is the tourism as many saigon based travel agencies and hotels organize trips of any length from 1 day to 1 week to this region.

By taking a tour you get a combination of cruising, walking and even cycling of few hours in the Mekong different regions, one of the most exciting parts of any trip to Mekong is to discover two beautiful floating markets and above all, beautiful scenery! If you are more in love with the Delta, you can find any trips that allow you to stay overnight on the cruise.

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floating markets

Practical Information

Getting to Can Tho from Kep in  Cambodia: it takes about 6 hours by bus, there are also direct buses to Can Tho, also, you can get to the border then from there change a bus to the Can Tho, from part, i took a direct bus which it seems less hassled to travel to. but above all, if you are on a tour from Cambodia to Vietnam then you will just seat and enjoy the view as they do all the things to get you to the destination.

Visa: Vietnam need you to have your visa in advance IF you crossing the land borders, but, if you travel by air you can get your visa stamped upon arrival with pre-arranged visa on arrival, however, i got my visa in Cambodia ( my tour company arranged that), remember, when you cross the border, you must have the prove of vaccination, if not then you’ll be asking to pay $ 1 for the penalty.

From Can Tho to ho Chi Minh City, the bus travel is about 6 Hours

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