Delights of Hanoi
30 Apr

Delights of Hanoi

I often read that Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world, so we might agree. In Hanoi there are plenty of fried and grilled high-fat meat with beer 😉 Yes, you can imagine this every night, heaps every weekend to be exact…

Like in Thailand, the food options in Hanoi can be enjoyed in different locations at various prices. From roadside food stalls to barbecue stalls and takeaways are plentiful from the corner of a house with small plastic chairs in cheap restaurants serving small selections or even à la carte at an upscale restaurant. Keep in mind that the plastic chairs are really small – I end up having pain from my long legs making my knees at chin level having to slurp soup rather awkwardly at the table.

Menu for Foreigners

If you are at the street foodies, always ask for the dish price(s) before ordering. I offer you a list of the common prices, but being a tourist may be subject to other prices. No worries, bargaining is the usual when it comes to agreeing on a price.

There are restaurants that have “special” menu for foreigners in the sense of inflated prices than the norm – often twice or even more. So if you notice that the prices are unreasonably high or different from the standard, do ask friendly for the Vietnamese menu. Use the tips mentioned to help you as you eat out and explore…

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