Why Laos ?

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30 Apr

five jaw dropping reasons to visit Laos

# 5 Lao PDR … Please Don’t Rush

The pristine environment, intact cultures, sectacular and unspoilt scenery , great place for adventure style traveling. known as the land of a million elephants, Lao people are so relaxed, there is no rush to go from place to place, the Laos Peoples Republic is commonly known between the locals as Lao, Please Don’t Rush


# 4 Spectacular Scenic country; rich culture, tradition and spirit

Laos is a scenic mountainous country, diverse culture and rich spirit. There are many different ways to appreciate and get into the real life of the local people, just be easy and say yes, you get invited to peoples home, making friend with smiley locals is very easy. Visit the most highlight sites of Laos: Vientiane – the capital city of Laos and LuangPrabang – the heritage city with beautiful streets along the Mekong River.

Laos Destination Guide

#3 Laos is a culture oriented country, don’t miss the colorful festivals

One of the many vivid festivals is Boun Khoun Khao which held in March of every year. After the rice has been harvested, the Boun Khoun Khao festival is held to give thanks to the spirit of the land and ensure the next harvest will be fruitful.

Also, the Laos New Year which is from 20th to 23h April each year; This is the biggest festival of the year all around the country. it is partly a religious festival as it is the time buddha images are cleansed, but is it also an all-out water festival. For three days be prepared to get wet wherever you go as water is thrown on everyone. in Luang Prabang, there are traditional processions and many other events.

five jaw dropping reasons to visit laos

# 2 Mouthwatering Lao foods …

You may hear about Vietnamese or Thai foods in your hometown in Europe or America, but Laos …. The Laos local dishes involves with natural herbs and should be make when ingredients and techniques meets each-others, It is not Thai food, nor Vietnamese or khmer food, it is unique that can be found only in Laos. The dishes here come fresh and spicy that caters to anyone’s with a chili craving wishes. come to Laos and try local foods such as; Khaipen (Fried Seaweed) with Jaew Bong, Khao Jee Sandwich, Khao Piak Sen, am Mak houng or Papaya salad and much more.

mouth watering laos foods

# 1 Meet the Akha tribes in northern Laos

The Akha tribes spread across northern Laos and Burma, Thailand and China as well as some part of far north of Vietnam. The hills are largely the preserve of a scattering of animist tribal minorities who have moved south from China about 200 hundred years ago. Akha tribes speak a form of Tibeto-Burman language who migrated south in waves from China’s Yunnan city, first in the mid-19th century, then again following the communist victory in 1949, and finally during the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. Most of them also speak Lao, but having a guide who can converse in Akha puts them at ease.

laos akha tribes

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