good reasons for coming to Vietnam

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30 Apr

Good reasons for coming to Vietnam

Vietnam differs in many ways from a Southeast Asian neighbors. The origin of its uniqueness lies among others in the troubled past of the country. Zay, the content writer for S Viet Travel lists 8 good reasons for coming to Vietnam.

There are a plenty of things to do when in Vietnam, one can travel with a tight budget as there are a bunch of budget friendly and back-packager hostels anywhere in Vietnam, a little money saves you for a long journey. Foods are cheap and there are always many street-food stalls everywhere you walk, whether a small town or a big city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, do not forget to try the special food of each city.

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Diverse culture of ethnic minorities

Leave the modern life-style in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and indulge yourself a few days trip to visit the ethnic minorities in the Sapa region. This area is awash with the lush green valley that has been home to ethnic tribes since centuries, do home-stay instead of staying in the fancy hotels, experience the trekking for any level and meet the locals in their colorful glazed customes.

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Swimming at the pristine beaches  year-round

If you are looking for great white sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters to swim in December and eating the mouth watering seafoods, then Vietnam is your best bet. Still don’t believe me, then check out the actual temreature that is around ant 28 ° C year-round. Vietnam, hosts a long coastline of beaches that makes it a popular destination in South east of Asia after Thailand.

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No worries as Vietnam has good safety

Vietnam has been sort out with a good security, big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang and Hanoi are packed with tourists, there were rare reports about snatching or any other crimes against the foreigners in Vietnam, but, always pay attention to your belonging, leave your passport in your hotel or safety box in your room and do not carry too much cash, small area and non-touristique spots are also very safe to travel to.

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The peoples of Vietnam

The Vietnamese people are easy-going and very welcoming and friendly. Do not expect to be in the middle of a super modern society, this country is still bearing its rich culture and tradition that makes it one of the great destinations in the world. Look around yourself and find a lot of beautiful smiles. Vietnamese believe that be sad and pass the life, Or, be Happy and live the life.


Diverse history

Vietnam has a long and diverse history, its long culture has been influenced by the Chinese from centuries ago as well as French from the beginning of the 20th century, some cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City have got the colonial architecture that makes them a special attractions to visit. The city of Hue, and especially the Hue Citadel are the best example of a country’s great history and mysticism. To get familiar with the contemporary status visit one of the many museums which displaying the history in details.

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Halong bay

This is referred as the most beautiful natural, magical and impressive beauty of Vietnam that is locally known as the mothers of the nature, Halong bay with its torquise waters, karst rock formations and the floating village where a numbers of  fishermen with their family live, numerous caves with stalactites and stalagmites ahead. cruising the bay is the best way to appreciate this beauty

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In Vietnam buy the goods, handicrafts and clothes with a quarter of the price that you pay in Europe or in America. Shops, markets and nightly flea-markets are among the best places that one can find almost anything from A to Z, also, in there are street vendors that selling different things from bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, housewares, electronics and everything imaginable. Don’t forget to bargain, you can get your favorite item with a better price if you trust your negotiations skill

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