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30 Apr

Vietnam, A phoenix from the ashes

Vietnam is located in south-east of Asia and is bordered on the north by China and to the west with Cambodia and Laos. The name Vietnam reminds many automatically at war, but the country is like the famous phoenix risen from the ashes and has developed to become of the most popular destinations in Asia. Vietnam is extremely complex and traveling through Vietnam is a special experience.

What distinguishes Vietnam, are the beautiful natural surroundings, a lively beach life and the cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Ming City, the former Saigon, should be on your itinerary when visiting Vietnam.


 Highlights and the most beautiful routes for backpackers

From Hanoi to Saigon

Vietnam is a long, but narrow-cut land and can be best explored on two routes: either from the southern end of the north or vice versa, your journey can therefore start in Hanoi or Saigon. On both routes, you can very well get to know the country, because the most beautiful landmarks are practically the wayside.

When you start in Hanoi, then the first highlight is not far, the natural heritage and famous Ha Long Bay. To explore the bay, it’s a good idea to do this from the boat, because then unfolds the whole charm of the bay. there re many boats and junks as well as different cruises that offer these trips, to stay even for little money. By boat, it then goes into the Thien Chung cave, a natural wonder of the special kind of extraordinary beauty.

It continues in the Cat Ba National Park. Here you can rent a bicycle to explore the park. It is also interesting to explore the Monkey Iceland, the Monkey Rock. Sit down there on a rock, enjoy the wonderful view and you have guaranteed not wait long to see the monkeys that live on the island.

The Phong Nha caves near Dong Hoi are also worth a stop and the beach of Hoi An is ideal if you want to take a little break. To party, you can make it at the beach of Nha Trang where backpackers meets from around the world, and in Mui Ne there is a ten-kilometer long beach and plenty of opportunities for diving, surfing, kite surfing or just relaxing under palm trees.

By the way, to start in Hanoi is the better alternative for a round trip because the flight from Europe to Hanoi is considerably less expensive than the flight to Saigon.


More about Culture of Vietnam

Vietnam has a long culture and the diverse history and there are some places where you can still get to know the cultures of Vietnam better that what you see in the movies. One of these places is the Sapa region where still alive the ancient hill tribes. The scenery is incredibly beautiful, the people are very hospitable and you should take the time to a few days staying there and exploring the surrounding area.


Hoi An is not only a beautiful coastal city, but also a city with a very long history. Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with its ancient houses and temples offers a picturesque idyll. Hoi An is the unofficial capital of the cutter, and you can get there for less money an outfit can be tailor made to measure.

explore vietnam hoi an

Dalat is a little paradise and not in vain in the Vietnamese brides and grooms very popular. The scenery is enchanting and the French colonial buildings are a true splendor.  A beautiful destination is also the small island of Phu Quoc, you can lie, sipping cocktails or take a little dive and snorkel in the shallows here in the sun.

Choosing the time to go?

In the north of Vietnam, the climate is subtropical, and southern Vietnam has a tropical climate year-round. The summer from May to October is hot and humid in the north and, with temperatures up to 35 ° degrees.  December and February is the time when only 15 degrees are reached, rain is rare and traveling at this time is much more pleasant.


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