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30 Apr

Zay’s favourite tip for visiting Vietnam

More than 3,000 kilometers of coastline, different climate zones, cities and small mountain villages, and the vast beauty of Mekong Delta – all that is Vietnam. Find out where you really need to go when in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a vast stripped country, traveling by train from south to North it takes at least 33 hours for the connection between Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the south to Hanoi in the north. A domestic flight would be an alternative, but train travel would be fun if you have nothing to do but traveling…

Why Vietnam has become increasingly popular in recent years as a holiday destination?

1) In my opinion, Vietnam, with a good infrastructure and the hospitable inhabitants, is an extremely interesting destination. It offers something for everyone, whether young or old, with or without children! Those who love vibrant cities, will feel at home in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Feels the best hands in the nature, keeps preferably in the hinterland of the many national parks. In the north, it attracts those who are interested in the various ethnic hill tribes. Who wants to quickly tailor a new dress on the body and enjoy some fine dining, can hardly be separated from Hoi An. The beach lovers will not miss out! Nha Trang for the young party people, Mui Ne for kitesurfers and the Phu Quoc Island for those who just want to chill out!

2.) Visit the easily accessible Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in central Vietnam! the cave invaded the 860 square kilometers of a large area which is now the oldest Karst region in Asia evolved 400 million years ago. A few years ago it hosted the Hang Son Doong cave (the largest cave in the world!), Which is not yet open to the public. Accessible however is the spectacular Phong Nha Cave. Those looking for the special thrill to book a (not very favorable) 7 km trek in the stunning Paradise Cave! my Vietnam top highlight and highly recommended!

3.) Since i do not have to think for long time! I have then discovered the Pho noodle soup, with their fresh herbs, vegetables, rice noodles and thin slices of beef in a rich broth! The incredibly delicious “Pho” is the undisputed national dish of Vietnam! They are obtained day after day on every street corner and it is preferably sipped by the Vietnamese for the breakfast. Try for a particularly authentic experience necessarily the “Pho” at a street stall and not in a restaurant!

Same Same but different …

1.) Anyone  in Southeast Asia who knows the each country’s Same Same But Different, whether Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Vietnam is different Different but same. The country does not make it as easy as the neighboring countries to travel around, but is still adorable. Most like how few opportunities you have to travel around the country, because it is thin like a hat cord. Whether Hanoi – Sai Gon or Sai Gon – Ha Noi, you always along the coast and the bus and train services are excellent and suitable for fresh Backpacker – thanks to the Open Bus Traveling.

2.) Hanoi and Sai Gon differ in many ways, even in the food things. Just to the south there are delicious banana cake and much more YUMMY rice pancakes. There are specialties that are stuffed with crab, sprouts and vegetables and come with a huge plate of salad. The best rice pancakes I’ve found in the small Vietnamese market at the end of tourist road in Sai Gon.


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