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15 May

10 Essential Tips for Vietnam Travel

Forget the bloody war days, thats submitted to the history of this ever interesting land. Vietnam has been in the bucket list of any travelers since decades. The reality is despite the beauty of Vietnam, there is so much to see, from natural beauties to the history and cultural aspects, from Halong to Mekong, from sun and sea to the lush valleys in Sapa mountains, the tourists just can’t ignore this part of the world, welcome to Vietnam

Here are your 10 essential tips for your Vietnam Travel

# 10 Consider your Visa and Passport

Passports must be valid for at least 6 month before the expiration. Vietnam visa is required before flying, there will be two option for the Visa; one is to apply through a Vietnam Embassy and two is to apply online and get the Visa stamped to your passport upon arrival. Usually Vietnam visa is included to Vietnam tour packages

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# 9 Learn about Vietnam before you go: A bit of language is a good bonus

Vietnam travel in a diverse and cultural country need a bit of understanding when you traveling here, Vietnamese are very friendly and can talk to you under the wet cement. Speaking the language of Vietnam can put you in a higher position while traveling through the country, locals will pay an extra attention to foreigners who speak some of their native languages. So, consider to learn some basic Vietnamese; Following are useful and a good start:

chao anh === Chao Ang === Hello

Chị khỏe không? === Chi khoe khong == How are you

Tôi khỏe, cảm ơn === Toi khoe, Gam On == Im fine, Thank you

Tôi tên Zay == Toi Ten Zay === my name is Zay

Hân hạnh được biết chị == Han HanG Duoc Biet Chi == Nice to meet you 🙂

Anh có nói tiếng Anh không? == AnG ko noy Tieng Ang Khong == Do you speak English?

Có, tôi nói tiếng Anh. == Go, Toy Noy Tieng Ang == Yes i do speak English

Không, tôi không nói tiếng Anh == khong, toy khong Noy Tieng Anh = No i dont speak English

Tam Biet == Good bye

lern vietnamese when traveling to vietnam

# 8 Go to Laos and Cambodia to complete the puzzle of Indochina

This is not an epic, but Indochina has a very special interest culture and sites to visit, One can see only Vietnam in a certain time-frame but to make the puzzle of Indochina complete then you should consider to look further and visit Laos and Cambodia along with your Vietnam journey. There are many suggestion on where to land and where to end the vacation, but i suggest flying to Hanoi and taking your journey to an end in Laos. Two weeks for those with lesser time and three weeks for those with better time would be good and enough to explore three country altogether.

10 essetial things to do in vietnam

# 7 Get around easily,Xe om drives you everywhere

In Vietnam there is nothing more than a easy ride than a motorbike ride because of the culture, motorbike has become the main means of transportation, however, when in Hanoi or anywhere in this charming country, you can get a ride with ex om (Motorbike taxi) and travel around the city very easy, also, this is a best way to skip from the heavy traffic in bigger cities, so, take part in this cultural adventure.

hanoi traffic jam

# 6 What to wear?

Vietnam is hot and its tempting to wearing those clothes and shorts that you wouldn’t dare to wear in your home-land, wearing tiny shorts and tank top is suitable for beaches of Nha Trang or even cities, but respect and observe the local culture and don’t go inside the temples with shorts. If you are in Vietnam in winter time then Hanoi and northern part of the country would be somehow cold ( not as cold as Europe or USA) but you can’t go out with shorts and tank top, so consider to pick up some warm clothes.

what to wear in vietnam

# 5 Eat local foods

Vietnamese cuisine has a very special position in the culture of the country, each region has its own specialty, foods are radically cheap in Vietnam and you can have a bowl of beef noodle ( Phu Bo) with a Dollar or two (approximately 25000 to 40000 VND). Also, eating local foods in the local foodies gives you an additional glimpse into the local life. Vietnamese usually eat out and as you walk in the streets you see almost at each corner there is a small foodies offering local foods.

eat local foods

# 4 Cheap and easy nightlifes

Nothing fancy, enjoy your nights in the beer streets in Hanoi Ta Hien street or in the Bui Vien in Ho Chi Minh City, draught beers are very cheap and usually comes with snacks or bowl of peanut. One thing is that Vietnam’s nightlife can’t be compared with flashy nights in Bangkok or Manila, in here nightlifes ends at 11 pm in Hanoi and further 1 midnight in the ho Chi Minh City.

nightlife in hanoi

# 3 Plan your next move

This is very essential, actually many travelers come to Vietnam (especially backpackers) and latter realize that they feel like to stay a bit longer than their initial plan, or they just want to explore more of this country but don’t know how to plan it, well, try to land in Hanoi ( north), or in Ho Chi Minh City(South) and depart from the other-side, also, if you decide to go further to Laos and Cambodia then plan it well to avoid missing the key landmarks such as Angkor wat or the beautiful Luang Prabang. Stay tuned and thumb up.

lern vietnamese when traveling to vietnam

# 2 Beach surfing

After the visiting iconic french colonial style attractions in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city and or Historic Hue and Haoi An, its time to do some island hopping. Vietnam has long coastline of more than 2000 KM, from south to north, Nha Trang is famous for its crystal clear warm waters and can be visited year-round, Some romantic Islands like phi Quoc is only less than an hour a way from Ho Chi minh City and one expect to spend a good and memorable time in there with reasonably prices sea side resorts.

explore danang beach vietnam

# 1 Visit hill tribes and villages

Hmong, Dao, Giay, Pho Lu and Tay are some of the famous ethnic minorities that lives in a hill tribes and villages around the Sapa in northern Vietnam. Take a break from the busy cities and from the usual sightseeing and visit these tribes, meet them and have home-stay and experience a truly local ethnic life with them, you won’t be disappointed.

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