I am a French guy living in Singapore since1 years and I have already traveled several times in Vietnam. Since the very first time, I always deal with S-Viet Travel to organize my trips there. Indeed there are many travel agencies on the web and it is sometimes a bit difficult to know who will understand your needs! This is why a friend of mine recommended this agency. I find many advantages with S-Viet Travel: first they really know how to adapt their offerings to suit my desires. For my case, sometimes I only use S-Viet Travel to arrange transport or accommodation if I travel alone. A few months ago, my parents joined me and as they do not speak English, I left S-Viet Travel organize everything from A to Z. My family keeps happy memories of those holidays. We were accompanied by local guides who speak French and we really discovered the life of the Vietnamese people and their fascinating culture. Without hesitation, I recommend everyone to visit Vietnam with Viet Travel-S to make your holiday a real exchange with the local culture. On top of that, S-Viet Travel offers very attractive prices compared to travel agents who are well-known and very present on this market.

Thomas, 29 years”

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